The Last Night in the Sukkah.

The children are in their sleeping bags next to me. They are looking up at the palm branches that make up the roof, and saying they will try to really sleep in tomorrow, so as to make the most of their last night in the Sukkah for this year.


I am also trying to hold on to the moment. The feeling of sitting in a Sukkah, living in a Sukkah. It sure is a fragile dwelling! We felt that very much when the rain came right through on us already on the first night! But in spite of its lack of permanence and strength, I always feel very safe in the Sukkah. Somehow I feel the Presence of the Almighty in a very special way right here. Everything about a Sukkah reminds us that we are not able to really protect ourselves, – and it helps us focus on the One who are more than able to take care of us on every level!

I am holding on to the children’s prayers along with the Shma as they go to bed. They also feel that we are quite open to the elements in every way, and so they remind themselves of their protectors as they thank God for His Angels and also for His Presence right here with us. How can anyone be any better off, really??

We have enjoyed a restful Shabbat, with guests in the Sukkah last night, and just the family today. This evening we played Monopoly and ordered Pizza, so it became a really fun last night in the Sukkah.


Tomorrow we will move back inside, and remind ourselves again that there is a time for everything. For now, though, we are treasuring every moment in the Sukkah.

Shavua Tov,



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