Special Sukkah Guests

Hospitality is a central part of the Sukkot-celebration. We have been blessed to visit the Sukkot of many friends this Sukkot, and also to host a lot of our friends in our Sukkah. Yesterday evening, for example, we had about fifty people, including the very little ones, at a Sukkah party here in our Sukkah. *They weren’t actually all in the Sukkah at the very same moment, but people were in and out, and we are thankful for lots of play-areas for the younger ones.


We did a barbecue, *perfect thing for large gatherings like these, + you get the husband involved in the cooking! I think *and hope, that everyone enjoyed their evening. I sure had a good time celebrating with all those dear friends, – from building a tall lego tower with a super cute three year old, to enjoying a glass of wine and good conversation with friends in the Sukkah.


And as we enjoy being guests and hosting in our Sukkot, we also think of some very special guests that tradition holds visit our Sukkot every evening; Abraham the first night, then Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David on the following nights. These seven men are called the “Ushpizin“, guests, of Sukkot. Abraham, being the first one, is himself a symbol of hospitality, – his tent, or his “Sukkah”, was always open for guests! Abraham is such an encouragement for hospitality, and the blessing of it for everyone involved! And who knows, without knowing it, we could host angels in our homes, *or our Sukkot!

Every night we focus on a different Biblical “Ushpizin”, giving every night a different focus, until we end up with King David, being a picture of the Messiah! We look forward to all the promises that are tied to this, and that we already see have started to be fulfilled around us! What an exciting time to be alive!!

Shabbat shalom!



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