A Fun Family Outing


Jerusalem is literally FULL of people who celebrate Sukkot, and there are fun activities offered at just about every corner! Yesterday we visited the local fire-station where we saw an exciting show, before we went to The Bible Land´s Museum and had a fun and interesting guided tour that finished with a great craft.

A few days ago I happened to notice a little add about renting a bike that the whole family could ride on together, and ever since I mentioned that, the children have basically not stopped asking if we could go do that. So it seemed the best for everyone to at least look into it… And it turned out it was really easy; the location was a twenty minute walk from our home, the price was good, and when we came there this morning there was not even a line *which is quite a miracle in Jerusalem during Sukkot!


So off we went; – only two of us could reach the pedals, our eight year old ended up with the steering wheel that worked and our princess decided to sit in the front basket! And the whole family had fun together!


We were far from alone at the Haas promenade, where we kept biking back and forth. The one with the steering wheel kept encouraging us to go faster, faster, and the one in the back seat kept wanting the driver to look forward… And we did well, – we didn’t hit anyone, not even the old lady who was standing in the middle just enjoying the view, totally oblivious to the fact that we were trying to get past her! *It was helpful that the one in the front passenger seat also had access to the break…


And what a view we had as we were biking! Yerushalayim, Ir HaKodesh, – Jerusalem, the Holy City, was right there in front of our eyes! Actually, we were biking in Yerushalayim, which we are privileged to call our home!

We are certainly rejoicing in this holiday, fulfilling the mitzvah of ve samachta be chagecha ve haita ach sameach! It is fun to actually have a time when you are commanded to be happy!

“…and you shall rejoice before the LORD your God for seven days!” Leviticus 23,40

There is a time for everything, and this is the time to rejoice!

Shalom to you all from our happy (!) Sukkah,



3 thoughts on “A Fun Family Outing

  1. Hadassah says:

    Eze Kef!!!!!!!!!!! Love the idea of your family doing this! (Love your blog btw!) Hag Sameach

  2. hollykaann says:

    That does sound like fun! I love hearing about the experiences of those living in other countries. One day I hope to visit yours!

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