Successful Sukkah-craft.


We are enjoying vacation days from school. Aahhh…wonderful! No rushed mornings! No homework in the afternoon! Instead, we have nice long days that we get to fill however we find fit! What a gift! Today we decided to make miniature sukkot. You know, the little lego-men and princesses also need sukkot!

ImageWe stayed busy with this just about all day! First we made the sukkot themselves from old shoe-boxes that we decorated with colored and patterned paper, cut out drawings and stickers. Then we made furniture from matchboxes, that became beds, chairs, tables etc.

One of the funnest parts was going to get the “zrach”, the branches that make up the roof of the sukkah. We went up the street and picked some wonderful smelling rosemary, that really do look like miniature palm branches!


We used hot glue to connect the bbq-sticks that support the branches, but I am sure you can do without as well.

And then, when we were done with the crafting-part, they sat in our sukkah and played with their miniature sukkot, literally for hours! It was really nice to just listen from the side to all the happy chit-chat that went on between the lego-men and the princesses who were visiting each other in their sukkot!

ImageI am looking forward to more days like this one! Tomorrow I think we will make some decorations for the real sukkah.

Shalom for now,



2 thoughts on “Successful Sukkah-craft.

  1. Hjertelig takk for dine mange innlegg i Dagen gjennom alle år, og for den nye bloggen din! Eg kjente meg igjen på du skriver om å skrive, jfr
    Shalom til deg og familien, og Israel. Helsing Tobias

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